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21writers is a “full-stack” content marketing agency committed to delivering signups & leads, and not just traffic. Our service includes:

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Get Fast Conversions

By focusing on BOFU content first you attract wallet-ready customers. Nurturing is important, but your company doesn’t have to be the one doing it – not when starting out.


Focus On Quality

If you want to attract high-paying customers your articles need to be unique, original, and insightful like hell. The only way to create such articles is to conduct interviews with industry experts  and not by recycling top 10 Google results like most agencies do.


Write What’s Relevant

The best (and only) way to get conversions from your blog is if your article showcases the need or the uniqueness of your product in some way or another. If your article can’t do that, then don’t write it.

Get Fast Conversions 🚀

Ask any other content agency for advice and they’ll tell you to “write top of the funnel content first because you need to nurture your customers plus it has a ton of search volume“.

That’s a waste of time.

It’s no wonder most companies need to wait YEARS to see any results from content marketing.

Sure, nurturing a potential customer is important. But your company doesn’t have to be the one doing it.

(Unless you have a ton of resources to spare.)

Instead, you can simply focus on bottom and middle of the funnel first, and attract qualified traffic that’s been pre-nurtured by your competitors and is now ready to buy.

At 21writers, we treat your blog as an extension of your sales page.

It’s only after you’ve exhausted all BOFU and MOFU opportunities that you focus on creating TOFU content with an elaborate email marketing system to back it up.

Focus On Quality 💎

Here’s the truth: you don’t need 300 articles to succeed with content marketing.

You only need 10-20 heavy hitters.

The rest is promotion.

Too often we see agencies churn out mediocre content that’s essentially a summary of the top 10 Google search results.

Now tell me this…

How are you going to impress a 20-year industry veteran with an article like that? A veteran who’s looking for an original, unique, and in-depth solution to a specific problem?

You can’t.

And if you can’t, you won’t make the sale.

That’s why 95% of articles that we write are driven by interviews with experts on the topic.

If you want to impress a 20-year industry veteran, you need the knowledge of a 30-year industry veteran.

Write What’s Relevant 📈

Too often we see companies write articles in which they can’t pitch their products or services.

They say: “We’re getting a ton of visitors to this post. For sure some of them click on our homepage and convert… Right?”


With the first-click attribution tracking model, it’s easy to see that’s not the case.

I’ve seen time and time again articles that are getting millions of yearly traffic not converting a single visitor. And not because the articles are poorly written. But because there aren’t any meaningful ways that the company could include their product in the article.

Unless such articles are part of a bigger topic cluster, or their sole purpose is to generate backlinks, there is no reason to write such posts.

Content Marketing Services

(Packets are recommendations. You can also create a custom solution for your biz. We can chat about it in the free strategy session.)


$2000 per month

✅ Content Strategy
✅ SEO Consulting

Ideal for small businesses with a limited content budget.


$6000 per month

✅ Everything in Startup Packet
✅ Content Creation
✅ Content Upgrades
✅ Content SEO
✅ WordPress Imports

Ideal for businesses ready to scale their content marketing and develop their economic moat.


$10000+ per month

✅ Everything in Business Packet
✅ PPC Content Promotion*
✅ Link Building*
✅ Email Promotion*
✅ Email Campaigns*
✅ Viral Email List Building*
✅ Custom Tracking in Google Analytics

Ideal for businesses who want to dominate their market.

*Tailored solution for your company.


Increased our blog conversions by 220%

“Mihael completely transformed our blog and optimized it for conversions. His eye for detail is incredible and knows exactly how to create a blog that attracts customers. Highly recommend working with him.”

David Campbell
Marketing Strategist RightInbox

“He solved our whole marketing problem.”

“Not only has Mihael written impressive texts, he is also a remarkable visionary, planner and strategist. Through analysis, he quickly created a comprehensive content plan and started solving our problems one by one and step by step. I can only talk in superlatives about him.”

Simon Sanda
CEO Illuspire

Best agency work I’ve read!

“I am so happy we got in touch with Mihael. He did a phenomenal job on our articles. He has a wonderful attitude and can-do spirit! Kudos! Here’s to a bright future together!”

Lia Schmidt
VP of Content Marketing Insider.

“Mihael always delivers value packed content”

“Most writers are garbage. Good thing Mihael isn’t most writers. He always delivers actionable, insightful, and value packed content making it a no-brainer to work with him. If you’re looking for a content writer or strategist, you’d be crazy to not give Mihael a call.”

Lucas Wollschlager
Marketing Expert Baremetrics

Yeah, I’ll say it again…

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